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Jan 26th

What To Do After You Have Been Bitten By A Dog
If you are attacked by a dog, you may be affected both psychologically and physically. The dog bites are very popular across the world. There are some steps you should follow once you are attacked by the dog. The first step that you should follow is to ensure that you disengage from the dog attack. If the dog is persuasive, fight it with al you have. You will now begin the evaluation process when you have already escaped from the dog.
If at sight, take the photo of the dog that bit you. If the dog was on private property, you can get to know who the owner is. You should also ensure that you take photos of the mail boxes so that you can have evidence when you have a claim. Take record of the breed of the dog. If you know the owner, you can decide to meet them. You can show then the vaccination against the dog bite. Vaccination can protect you from rabies. You will know that the dog has rabies if it produces foam in its mouth.
Make sure that you seek medical care for the injuries that you may be suffering. More documentation about the injury matters. The pictures. Get special care immediately if the injuries are severe. Ensure that the health practitioner that you find gives you a comprehensive medical notes when you are being discharged, You will keep this record in case you file a case against the owner of the dog.
The next step is to ensure that you file a police report. Contacting the authorities first will give you a platform to file a lawsuit. You are not responsible to define who is at fault. Give all the police records when reporting.
Once you are done with the police, make sure that you contact a lawyer. it is the attorney who will ensure that you are compensated for the pain that you suffered,. The lawyer will also represent you in the court of law. When hiring, ensure that the lawyer has handled other cases of dog bite before. Follow some tips to get the best dog bite attorney.
Ensure that you have a clue on the lawyer to choose. Therefore, you should always make sure that you hire the service from a lawyer who has served other people. Make sure that you look for referrals. You will get this from clients who know of such a lawyer. they should offer a positive feedback concerning the attorney. Choose a lawyer who has expertise. If a lawyer has served for long, this means that they have acquired more skills.

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